About Chiros in Motion LLC

Chiros in Motion offers intensive chiropractic care which incorporates the perfect blend of therapeutic exercise, soft tissue work, and chiropractic adjustments. We are an evidence-based team that consists of two doctors, Dr. Emma Scaro and Dr. Jay White, who are both certified sports chiropractors and previous collegiate athletes. To learn more about their sport experience both personally and clinically check out their bios.

Chiros in Motion is a cash-based sports chiropractic clinic. We started as a traveling clinic and now have two locations in Elkhorn and Franklin, WI.

What sets Chiros in Motion apart?

At Chiros in Motion, we do things differently than many other clinics

  • Our appointment times are much longer than most clinics averaging 15-30 minutes. 
  • We do more than adjust. Check out our services to learn more.
  • You spend 100% of the time with the doctor. 
  • We assess for the cause of pain rather than covering up symptoms.
  • Patients are given therapeutic exercises and stretches to help treatments last. 
  • We treat more than just the spine and look at all neuromusculoskeletal conditions you may have.
  • Our treatments are cost-effective. It should take fewer visits and less money overall to get you feeling better. 
  • We are certified sports chiropractic physicians.
  • You leave with the skills to be in control of your own pain.
  • We work with the neuromuscular system to decrease your likelihood of injury and improve your performance

Typical Chiropractic Treatment Plan

A typical treatment plan includes an initial visit lasting about one hour, where we assess your injury, perform exams, and give you a diagnosis. Depending on the injury, we have follow-up visits lasting 15-30 minutes. In those visits, we teach you ergonomic aids, lifestyle modifications, therapeutic exercises, and more! Each treatment plan is modified to be patient-specific, giving you the best care possible for your specific injury.

Referral System

We work hard to build a referral system with other healthcare providers. This gives our patients comfort in knowing that if we can’t provide the right care for their injury, we find someone who will.

Sports Chiropractic in Elkhorn, WI
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