Injury Care

At Chiros in Motion, we understand that injuries can be a setback, affecting your performance and quality of life. That’s why we’ve designed our Injury Care Sessions to provide you with specialized treatments tailored to your unique needs. After your initial visit or new injury session, our goal is to provide you with the best care based on your injury. Our Injury Care Program offers three distinct chiropractic treatment sessions. These sessions are designed to facilitate your swift and comprehensive recovery, ensuring you receive precise care that matches your injury requirements.


New Injury Session
(40 min)

Extended Treatment
(30 min)

Routine Treatment
(15 min)

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New Injury or Complaint (35-40 minutes)

If you’ve been a patient of ours and are facing a new injury, we’re here to provide you with elevated care. This appointment is necessary for any new injuries that require treatment and it is designed to comprehensively address your new injury. It allows us enough time for a thorough evaluation to better understand your condition. Similar to your initial visit, after this assessment, you’ll be directed towards either an Extended Treatment or Routine Treatment session tailored to your unique needs.

Extended Treatment: (20-30 minutes)

This visit is a follow up to an initial visit or an injury session. It is ideal for pursuing an extended treatment plan and goes beyond our routine care. It includes:

  • Follow-up injury evaluation
  • A brief movement analysis to assess your mobility and function
  • Muscle work to ease tension and discomfort
  • Chiropractic adjustments when indicated to restore joint motion
  • Extensive therapeutic exercises crafted to support your healing journey
  • A thorough discussion addressing changes since your last visit, concerns, and any questions you may have
  • This visit can be booked as a re-evaluation, ensuring we adapt our care to your evolving needs.

Routine Treatment: (10-15 minutes)

In the midst of your injury recovery, our Routine Treatment session offers focused care with a slightly shorter duration. Tailored to complement your healing process, it may include:

Our Injury Care Program is your partner in comprehensive recovery, offering personalized care precisely aligned with your injury journey. Our providers will guide you to whichever treatment options are best for your condition. Whether you need an extended treatment plan or a routine session, we’re committed to ensuring your path to recovery is both effective and comfortable. Explore our program and take the next step towards regaining your optimal well-being.

Treatment Add-Ons:
Interested in adding one of these to your care? Talk to your provider during your next visit.

acupuncturist putting needles on the shoulder of a person
Dry Needling
Normatec Compression

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