Normatec Massage Therapy

What is Normatec?

Normatec is a compression machine that uses dynamic air compression to create a compression massage. The Normatec sleeves have multiple internal segments. Each segment will fill automatically, starting with the segment farthest away from your core. Normatec has leg, hip, and arm attachments that all follow this same massage pattern. Chiros in Motion has leg, shoulder/arm, and hip attachments. For more information about Normatec compression sleeves read our blog below or click here for their website.

What does it do?

Normatec is used to increase circulation and aids in lactic acid removal. Benefits of using Normatec include reducing muscle soreness, speeding up recovery time, decreasing swelling, increasing flexibility, decreasing inflammation, and ultimately helping to increase performance.

When should I use Normatec?

The best time to use Normatec is after a workout or strenuous activity. Post-practice or game is another time when Normatec can be utilized. This will help decrease your chance of developing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). DOMS is the soreness you feel a day or two after a hard workout. If you develop DOMS, you might not get the most out of your next workout, which is when normatec sleeves can help.

Who uses Normatec?

Many collegiate-level and professional athletes have Normatec as a part of their recovery routine. More and more athletes are starting to utilize it. Dr. White will use it after lower body workouts, bike rides, and sports activities. Come try it out!

Chiros in Motion offers Normatec therapy

At Chiros in Motion, we currently have the leg, shoulder/arm, and hip attachments. We offer 20-minute sessions of Normatec for $20. If booked after a chiropractic appointment the cost is $10. Your first session is free! To try them out make an appointment by clicking here!

Single Normatec Session: $20
Bookable online!

$30 /month
$45 / month

*Cost is charged per month / can cancel at anytime / visits are non-transferable*
*limited to one session per day*
Please contact us to book a membership!

Must contact us to sign up for normatec monthly memberships! The first free session or single sessions can be booked online.


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