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Comprehensive Assessment – Initial Visit

Joint motion evaluation

Chiropractic treatment options after the initial visit:

At Chiros in Motion, we offer three distinct treatment categories, each tailored to cater to your specific needs. After your initial appointment, we will guide you towards the category that aligns with your individual goals. Explore further to learn more about our diverse treatment options.

Injury Care

Experience tailored care designed to accelerate your recovery from injuries, whether old or new. Our comprehensive approach integrates chiropractic adjustments, guided movement, therapeutic exercises, and muscle work, bringing you back to peak function.

Sports Performance & Athlete Care

Unlock your full athletic potential with our specialized athlete treatment sessions. These sessions empower you with the knowledge and techniques to optimize your movements, exercise regimen, and recovery strategies. Choose from our three treatment options to better reach your goals.

General Wellness & Kids Care

Embrace a path of feeling consistently balanced with our quick and efficient wellness solutions for all. From muscle work to adjustments, we offer accessible care to help you maintain well-being, making health and stress relief a seamless part of your routine.

Add-ons for expediting recovery

Online booking for cupping ($40), game-ready ($20), and normatec ($20) is available. For a lower cost, you can request these services to be added to your treatment. When added to your chiropractic appointment the prices are as follows: dry needling ($20), normatec ($10), and game-ready ($10). Cupping can be included in your treatment time at no extra charge (if booking an extended visit).

Normatec Compression Sleeves

20 minute sessions – Normatec compression massage is used to enhance recovery by decreasing muscle tension, removing lactic acid, and decreasing inflammation. Recovering from an intense workout? Normatec is for you!
Book as an add-on to your chiropractic appointment for $10.

Game-Ready Compression and Ice

This is great for icing acute injuries! 15 minute sessions. The game-ready circulates ice water through compression wraps providing effective and efficient cooling. It provides compression and ice to help reduce swelling, pain, and to promote healing.

Current Available Wraps:

  • Right Hip
  • Knee
  • Ankle

Details Here


A thin filiform needle is used to stimulate and release trigger points or “knots” within a muscle. This is a great way to manage neuromusculoskeletal pain and limitations in range of motion. No medication of any kind is injected during the treatment. Book as a $20 add on. More Details Here

a person holding a foot acupuncture model