Sports Performance & Athlete Maintenance

At Chiros in Motion, we’re dedicated to helping athletes like you reach and sustain peak performance. Our Sports Performance and Athlete Maintenance Program offers a trio of specialized treatments, meticulously designed to elevate your game, keep you at the top of your performance, and enhance your overall well-being.

All Things Performance & Injury Reduction

Athlete Maintenance & Movement Optimization

14 Part Movement Screen for Athletes

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All Things Sports Performance and Injury Reduction (30 min):

Elevate your athletic abilities with our injury prevention session. We understand that your performance hinges on more than just physical training. Dive deep into the vital factors of sleep, hydration, and active recovery. Uncover how they directly impact your performance and reduce the likelihood injury. Our team of experts will provide you with the best protocols to optimize these elements and boost your overall athletic potential.

Sports Movement Screen (20 min)($25):

Unleash your full potential with our budget-friendly movement screen, featuring 14 different screens meticulously designed for sports players. Discover your strengths, areas for improvement, and gain insights that will empower your athletic journey. This session will identify movements that could be limiting your game or increasing your risk for injury. You have the option to book multiple movement screens to track your progress. This is a great appointment to make before starting your athlete maintenance care.

Athlete Maintenance

Maximize your athletic potential with our 20-minute follow-up session, specifically designed for athletes like you. Whether you’re aiming to refine your movement screen findings or seeking athlete-focused maintenance care, this session is tailored to your unique needs. We’ll work together to enhance your movement patterns, prescribe targeted muscle pattern exercises, provide essential muscle work if indicated, offer chiropractic adjustments, and guide you with exercises designed to elevate your performance.

Sports Performance & Athlete Maintenance Care is for those who do not have a current injury. If you have a current injury please check out our Injury Care Appointments“.

Whether you’re aspiring to reach new heights, maintain peak performance, or to simply optimize your athletic well-being, our Sports Performance and Athlete Maintenance Program is tailored to support you on your path. Join us and experience a holistic approach to sports performance like never before. Your journey to reaching your athletic goals starts here.

Treatment Add-Ons:
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Dry Needling
Normatec Compression

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