Sport Specialities


Dr. Scaro’s roots in soccer run deep. She’s played at the Division 1 level and even went on to play professionally in Northern Ireland (Glentoran FC) and Sweden (Skovde KIK). Her love for the sport extends to coaching – she’s not only an assistant coach for Wisconsin Lutheran College, but also provides one-on-one and small group training sessions.

Dr. Scaro’s unique combination of experience as a player, coach, and sports medicine provider positions her perfectly to offer soccer players tailored services. From injury reduction protocols to biomechanical analysis and care for soccer-related injuries, she’s your go-to expert. You can delve into more about her background here and book an appointment to experience her expertise firsthand.


Dr. White’s passion for golf goes back to high school. He’s not only played the sport but also worked with professional golfers, learning the nuances of the perfect swing. He’s even TPI certified, making him exceptionally equipped to help you enhance your golf game. With this unique analysis, Dr. White combines chiropractic care, sports medicine, and golf to optimize your performance. Find out more about TPI here and learn about Dr. White’s impressive credentials.


Dr. White has a background that uniquely qualifies him to work with football players. He completed his undergraduate athletic training degree while playing Division 2 football, giving him an in-depth understanding of common football injuries and what it takes to play at the collegiate level. At Chiros in Motion, our goal is to get you back to the game as quickly and safely as possible.


Both our providers at Chiros in Motion have partnered with Team GTS for two years, a baseball and softball training facility in Elkhorn, WI. Our collaboration has helped numerous baseball and softball athletes improve their mechanics while decreasing the risk of injury. We employ DNS techniques to evaluate muscle slings commonly used in rotational sports. Our sports medicine background and attention to detail make us ideal providers for baseball and softball athletes. As an added bonus Dr. White played baseball in high school and won a state championship!!


Dr. White’s passion for cycling is undeniable, as he recently achieved a remarkable milestone by biking across Wisconsin, covering an astonishing 235 miles in a single day. His extraordinary feat is a testament to his dedication to the sport and deep understanding of the physical demands it places on athletes.

Both of our providers actively engage in the dynamic world of cyclocross, a challenging discipline that entails navigating off-road terrains while shouldering your bike. This hands-on experience drives our commitment to understanding diverse cycling needs and enhancing your performance, whether you’re tackling long endurance rides, cyclocross competitions, or any cycling endeavor. We’re here to support cyclists at every level, helping you excel on all terrains.


Dr. Scaro is a respected staff member and provider for USA Fencing, where she travels to events across the country to offer her sports medicine chiropractic expertise to fencing athletes from around the world.

All Sports

Becoming a sports chiropractor requires a well-rounded understanding of all sports. Our approach is geared towards:

Injury Reduction:

Our providers recognize that functional movement patterns have similarities across different sports. For instance, throwing a baseball and hitting a volleyball both involve rotation, although the specific limb involvement differs. We understand these distinctions and customize our treatment plans accordingly. To reduce injury risk in any sport, we break down movement patterns into therapeutic exercises tailored to your specific sport. Whether you’re a swimmer or a runner, we adapt our treatments to meet the unique demands of your chosen sport.


At Chiros in Motion, we recognize the paramount importance of recovery in an athlete’s journey. Our approach combines a range of techniques including muscle work, active recovery techniques, and normatec compression sleeves.

  • Muscle Work: Our sports chiropractors specialize in muscle work, including myofascial release, dry needling, active release technique, cupping, and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. These techniques alleviate muscle tension, reduce soreness, and improve muscle function.
  • Active Recovery: We design personalized active recovery plans, incorporating low-impact exercises and mobility work, tailored to your sport and unique needs. Active recovery promotes healing, prevents stiffness, and maintains flexibility and range of motion.
  • NormaTec Compression Sleeves: We offer cutting-edge NormaTec compression sleeves that utilize dynamic pneumatic compression to boost circulation, reduce muscle soreness, and accelerate recovery. This technology expedites recovery, leaving you feeling revitalized and ready for your next sporting challenge.

Sports Injuries:

We stay updated with the latest research on common injuries in individual sports.

Every athlete is unique, with different compensation patterns, injuries, and goals. That’s why no two treatment plans are the same. We provide personalized care to help you achieve your best performance and maintain your overall health.

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