5 Reasons to Collaborate With Us & Bring Chiros in Motion to your business!

Chiros in Motion LLC is flexible to your schedule. Our team of providers brings intensive chiropractic care right to your clients.

Improved Client & Employee Health

Having sports chiropractors on site for your workers and clients can improve the health and well-being of your business. Problems can be addressed immediately, reducing the length of recovery time. This means less days off for your employees and more time for your clients to spend with you in the gym or out on the field.

No Cost For Your Business

Chiros in Motion is fully insured, platforms are completely mobile, and we receive payments directly from patients who seek care. This leaves no cost for your facility. That is unless you prefer to have a set fee that your business pays for your employees to receive treatment.

Be Added to Our Website

Your business will be added to our website linking you to all of our clients. They will be able to learn about your business directly from our page and have an easy link to be directed to your site.

Media and Marketing

Chiros in Motion is very active on social media and marketing. We incorporate weekly educational blogs, average 3-4 posts per week, and 3-7 stories per day. Within these posts your business will be given shoutouts and exposure to hundreds of our followers.

Give Your Business An Edge

The world of convenience and time saving is here. Collaborating with other health professionals makes it convenient and easy for your clients to seek care. Having onsite care gives your clients another reason to chose you over other competitors.

Interested in adding Chiros in Motion to your team?

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