5 Reasons to Book With Us!

Chiros in Motion has one focus – the patient!

Goal and Patient Centric

Our goal is to help you reach yours. Our initial evaluation is tailored to your concerns and symptoms. Every visit your progress is tracked through exams, history, and assessments. Our treatment plan is modified each follow-up according to how you react to previous care. This decreases the likelihood of your symptoms plateauing and increases the chances of living pain free!

We RARELY advise rest.

No matter what injury you have, pain free and safe movement can be recommended. The key is to understand which movements are okay to do and which should be limited Upper body injury such as a fracture? Let’s work together and find lower body work to do. Is back pain preventing you from going to the gym? Let’s find movements together that are pain free.

We offer MORE than chiropractic adjustments

Every visit is tailored to the needs of your injury or to help prevent future injury. Want to improve performance or decrease injury risk? Let’s work on improving biomechanics, improving mobility, and getting equal muscle strength. Need to increase recovery time? We offer muscle work, therapeutic exercise, education, and lifestyle modifications to increase recovery time.

We assess for the CAUSE of pain rather than covering up symptoms

Our treatment plans focus on the treating the cause of your symptoms. This is key to prevent reoccurring pain and to provide long term relief.

Sufficient Appointment Times

We purposely have long treatment times ranging from 15-30 minutes to ensure you have the care necessary to recover and reach your goals. On top of our extended treatment times, you spend 100% of your appointment with the doctor!

Interested in working with Chiros in Motion?

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