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Why we don’t accept insurance as a sports rehab-based chiropractic clinic.

1. Insurance based does not equal evidence based.

Over the past 10 years, there has been a significant shift in chiropractic treatment. If your chiropractor is following evidence-based guidelines they often incorporate soft tissue work (scraping/graston, cupping, manual therapy, ART etc.), therapeutic exercise, patient education, lifestyle modifications, taping, sports medicine, movement analysis, or injury reduction protocols.

Insurance companies often do not cover the modalities or treatments listed above. If an insurance company does cover the treatment, most of the time they cover a portion which leaves you with a large co-payment or they have large deductibles leaving you with most of the treatment cost.

Since we do not take insurance we are able to keep our costs low for you. Our treatment plans are not restricted by insurance companies. Your treatment is tailored to you, not to what your insurance company allows. This allows for truly personalized care that has better outcomes. Most of what current insurance programs cover are chiropractic adjustments. Although this is convenient for patients, it does not necessarily mean that adjustments are going to improve their symptoms.

Most research shows that chiropractic adjustments help with pain relief which lasts 1-3 days. The best outcomes from chiropractic adjustments are when other treatments are included such as soft tissue work and therapeutic exercise (or any of the others listed above). This shows that insurance based does not necessarily mean evidence based.

2. We have longer treatment times

Have you noticed that when you go to the doctor their treatment times are limited? Have you noticed 1-5 minutes per patient? Have you been to physical therapy or a chiropractor that hooks you up to a machine and leaves you? Or gives you exercises and walks away to see another patient during your treatment time?

Often treatment length is driven by the insurance companies. In order for the provider to get paid enough to stay open they need to increase their client load – this leads to short treatment times with limited personalized care.

At Chiros in Motion, our treatment times are 15 – 30 minutes for routine visits and 40-60 minutes for initial appointments. Every minute of your treatment time is spent with your doctor. This gives your provider a true understanding of your symptoms, treatment options, and goals. It allows us to follow your care plan and make sure you are improving each visit. It also allows us to modify our treatment according to how you react to our care. Most insurance based chiropractors cannot spend this time with you.

3. We keep our costs lower

By not taking insurance we can keep our overall treatment costs low. These costs are often lower than the out-of-pocket expenses associated with your insurance.

Since we provide more than just chiropractic adjustments, our single sessions might have a higher price tag than your quick stop-and-go chiropractor. However, our model is set up in a way where you will require fewer visits, keeping the overall cost low. You will also learn the tools to help keep yourself out of pain and injury, decreasing the likelihood of future visits. Our patients often find that the extra time is worth the extra upfront cost and gives them better outcomes!

4. Exercise / Rehab-based care almost always have co-payments

Depending on your insurance provider some, most, or all of the following care is not covered and would require an out-of-pocket payment that is often more expensive than our treatment cost:

Soft tissue work (scraping/graston, cupping, manual therapy, ART etc.)
Therapeutic exercise (balance training, strength work, range of motion, mechanic modifications)
– Patient education
Lifestyle modifications
– Taping
Sports medicine
– Movement analysis
– Injury reduction protocols
– Dry needling

Want to book an appointment with us but you are hesitant that we don’t take insurance?

Although we do not take insurance we do accept HSA or FSA. We can also provide you with an itemized receipt to be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. Questions? Feel free to send us an email at:

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