Why book with us?

At Chiros in Motion, we do things differently than many other clinics

  • Our appointment times are much longer than most clinics averaging 15-30 minutes. 
  • We do more than adjust. Check out our services to learn more.
  • You spend 100% of the time with the doctor. 
  • We assess for the cause of pain rather than covering up symptoms.
  • Patients are given therapeutic exercises and stretches to help treatments last. 
  • We treat more than just the spine and look at all neuromusculoskeletal conditions you may have. 
  • Our treatments are cost-effective. It should take fewer visits and less money overall to get you feeling better. 
  • We are certified sports chiropractic physicians
  • You leave with the skills to be in control of your own pain.

Decrease Injury Risk

Are you looking to decrease your risk for injury? There are many lifestyle changes you can make to decrease injury risk such as modifying sleep or training gear, reducing stress, and improving nutrient intake. Other options include improving mobility, strengthening your muscles, and choosing the correct work load. These changes can help you decrease the risk of injury and promote better mobility and a healthier lifestyle overall.

Strengthen After Injury 

After an injury strength and mobility are often reduced. Our providers offer patient-specific exercises to get you feeling strong again.

Before Surgery Rehab 

Going into surgery? Surgical outcomes and recovery times have been improved from early rehabilitation exercises. Improving your range of motion and activities of daily living before going into surgery can improve recovery time.

Increase Range of Motion 

Improving range of motion is important for sports performance, injury prevention, and recovery from injury. Chiros in Motion has a variety of services that can help improve your range of motion.

Improve Performance 

If you are looking to improve performance we offer a realm of treatment options including sports-specific exercises, improving range of motion, and providing you with sports-specific education. If you are recovering from an injury we gradually work you towards sports-specific movements.

Return to Play 

Chiros in Motion helps you return to sport by following return to play guidelines and by providing quality rehabilitation exercises that transition into sport training.

Decrease Fear Avoidance

Do you still have hesitation during certain activities from a previous injury? We specifically work with fear avoidance by providing reassurance, functional progression, and simplifying movements to help you recover.

Be Healthy and Stay Healthy 

Our providers help you reach optimal health and stay healthy by working on daily habits, providing you with education, and working towards your goals. We work with you to set short and long term goals and use outcome markers to help you get there.


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