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Trigger Point Therapy

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Trigger points are areas of bundled-up muscle and fascial tissue that are more irritable than the surrounding tissue. Trigger points can refer pain to other locations of the body. For example, a trigger point in the upper trapezius muscle can refer pain to the head – contributing to headaches. Trigger points can be found throughout the body and may be contributing to your pain.

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Many elements can lead to the formation of trigger points. A few common elements are poor posture, muscle overuse, or chronic stress. Trigger point therapy can vary depending on personal preference. At Chiros in Motion, we have a range of muscle work techniques to offer.

Trigger point treatment may include treatments such as cupping, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, ischemic compression, massage gun, dry needling, or pin and stretch. We identify the trigger point by palpating the entirety of the muscle. We start by using soft pressure to feel the superficial fibers, then we apply harder pressure to feel the deeper fibers. Trigger points can be the main source or contributing factor to your body aches or pains. Please reach out with any questions or schedule with us today for trigger point relief!

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