acupuncturist putting needles on the shoulder of a person
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How Chiropractic Can Help Your Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic can help improve shoulder pain by providing a variety of treatment options including muscle work, therapeutic exercise, chiropractic adjustments, treating muscle imbalances, and improving mobility restrictions in the shoulder, neck, and upper back. The key is to find a certified sports chiropractor who specializes in these fields and offers these types of treatments. Chiros in Motion offers all of the above. 4… Continue reading How Chiropractic Can Help Your Shoulder Pain

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 Shoulder Impingement

Cause of Shoulder Impingement As discussed in our post last week, the shoulder is a complex joint. It has a wide range of motion which is great for function but often stability can be difficult to maintain. There are two main causes of shoulder discomfort which include over-use and trauma. The mechanism of injury can… Continue reading  Shoulder Impingement