Soccer Training Options

Work with a previous division 1 & professional soccer player who is specialized in sports performance, injury reduction, and chiropractic care.


One on One Training

These 30-minute training sessions develop your soccer skills including touch, ball control, passing, and footwork. Coach Emma evaluates your play. She goes into detail about what weaknesses may be affecting your game and what strengths you can use to your advantage. $70 per session

Injury Prevention Session for Soccer Teams

Dr. Emma Scaro will go into detail on how to properly warm up, teach strength exercises on how to reduce injuries for soccer players and educate players on how to prepare for and last throughout the season. She can also go into detail about the biomechanics of soccer and how strength work and body awareness can reduce injuries.
30-45 minute session $200

Group Training

Group training sessions are 45 minutes and can range from 3-6 players. Coach Emma works with you to improve tactical and technical skills. In a group setting fundamentals can be improved by detailing passing and receiving mechanics, field awareness, and precision/accuracy. $40 per person

Coaching Service

Are you a soccer coach looking for someone to fill in? Are you wanting someone to coach a session or two before the high school season? Coach Emma offers fill in coaching or pre-season coaching. Service can be modified according to the situation. $60/hour


“Highly recommend Dr. Emma! She has special talent and expertise for teen and high school athletes. She is compassionate, extremely knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond to help her patients get back to 100%. She does more than standard care, she customizes your treatment based on your medical situation and your goals. “

Robin Walker – Soccer Mom

My name is Rene Perez and I am the Big Foot High School Girl’s Soccer head coach.  I used Emma to run a few preseason soccer sessions to kick off our Spring season and was very impressed.

Emma’s large soccer background, individual skills, and knowledge of the game were invaluable to the team.  Emma transfers her skills and knowledge of the game to the players with great success.  Her sessions are very well organized and she enables players to understand their own individual skills and what they need to improve on to be able to get to the next level.

It’s very obvious when working with Emma that she truly enjoys what she does. I would 100% recommend Emma to run sessions for anyone else looking for preseason or off-season camps. As a coach, I also learned from Emma’s training sessions!

Rene Perez – Women’s High School Soccer Coach