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Game Ready Cryo Therapy

What is a Game Ready?

A Game Ready is a machine that combines cryotherapy (cold therapy) and compression therapy. It constantly circulates ice water through the desired attachment while providing compression. The compression component gently pushes inflammation away from the injury site. Game ready has many different attachments for all parts of the body. Click here for their website.

What does it do?

Game Ready uses cold and compressive therapy to decrease swelling, muscle spasms, and pain.

When should I use Game Ready?

The best time to use a Game Ready is after sustaining an injury or post-surgery. Game ready can also be utilized after sport, for example, a baseball player after pitching.

Who uses Game Ready?

Game Ready is being used by orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, athletic trainers, professional and collegiate athletes, and military personnel all around the world.

Chiros in Motion offers Game Ready Treatment!

At Chiros in Motion, we currently have a right hip, knee, and ankle attachment for the Game Ready. We offer a 15-minute treatment session for $20.

We are also offering two package deals: 4 treatments for $70 (save $10) AND 6 treatments for $100 (save $20). *Cost is charged per package, and non-transferable*

Click HERE to schedule a treatment.


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