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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you take insurance?

Chiros in Motion is a cashed-based clinic. Even though we do not accept insurance, depending on your insurance provider, we can send you an invoice receipt for reimbursement. We do accept HSA/FSA and similar entities.

What conditions do you treat?

We specialize in providing comprehensive chiropractic care for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Our expertise extends beyond traditional spinal care to include the treatment of extremity conditions. We are dedicated to addressing issues related to the body’s extremities, such as shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. Whether you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, or reduced mobility in these areas, our skilled chiropractors are here to assess, diagnose, and treat your condition. See a list of our common conditions treated.

How many visits will I have?

The number of visits you’ll need varies based on the nature and severity of your injury, as well as your response to care. Some clients experience significant improvement and become pain-free after just 1-2 visits, while others with more complex or severe injuries may require 6 or more appointments. On average, our clients typically have 3-5 visits to achieve their desired results.

Do you take Medicare?

We do not accept Medicare. If you have Medicare we cannot legally treat your complaints. We recommend seeing a physician at Elite Sport & Spine in Waukesha or at United Chiropractic since they provide similar care to us.

How much are the appointments?

Call for chiropractic visit pricing. Our chiropractic visits include cupping, adjustments, exercises, soft tissue work or any other modalities that can help improve your symptoms. Normatec or Game Ready are billed separately.

10-Minute Cupping Appointment: $40
20-Minute Normatec Compression Appointment: $20 for a single visit, $10 after a chiropractic appointment.
Call for chiropractic visit pricing.

How long will my appointment be?

Initial appointments will range from 40-60 minutes. Depending on your condition and treatment plan, the follow-up visits will range from 15-30 minutes.

How do I make an appointment?

Click here to schedule an appointment through our online portal. After creating an account you will receive updates, can change appointment times, and fill out any paperwork prior to your visit.

Other options to schedule include calling or texting our clinic at 262-374-8315 or sending an email to

What should I wear to my appointment?

Try to wear clothing that does not restrict movement. Moving without restriction makes it easier to evaluate range of motion and receive adjustments. If you are being treated for a lower extremity condition, shorts are preferred and short sleeves are preferred for an upper extremity condition.

Do I have to get my neck adjusted?

No, if you are uncomfortable with neck adjustments, we offer a range of alternative treatment options to address your specific needs and concerns. During your visit, please communicate your preferences and concerns with your provider, and they will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your comfort and treatment goals.

Why should I choose Chiros in Motion over other clinics?

Happy you asked! Click here to learn more about the care from our clinic.

Do you provide maintenance or wellness care?

Yes, maintenance care is provided for clients who enjoy getting routine care or checkups. It is not a requirement, but routine muscle work, exercises, or adjustments can help patients continue their active lifestyle and remain pain-free.

Do you treat non-athletes?

Yes, absolutely! We offer holistic care to a diverse range of clients, including those who are not involved in sports or athletics. Our services are designed to help improve your symptoms and provide you with the tools and exercises necessary to lead a pain-free and healthy lifestyle.

What location will my appointment be at?

We have our primary clinic located in Elkhorn, WI and a second clinic located in Franklin, WI. Along with our primary clinic, Dr. White has hours in Waukesha at Elite Sport and Spine.

Click here to see the hours at each location.

Where is Chiros in Motion?

Elkhorn Clinic: 230 W Evergreen Parkway, Unit 203 Elkhorn, WI.

Elite Sport and Spine (Dr. White ONLY): 20900 Swenson Drive, Suite 575 Waukesha, WI

MOSH Performance Center (Dr. Scaro ONLY): 7095 S. Ballpark Drive, Franklin, WI suite 100

What do sports chiropractors do?

Our Sports chiropractors at Chiros in Motion specialize in musculoskeletal injuries and injury reduction. We take an individualized approach, thoroughly evaluating the factors contributing to your pain. This includes an assessment of movement patterns, muscle imbalances, muscle tightness, and joint restrictions. Depending on your evaluation, we may perform chiropractic adjustments or soft tissue work to address your specific issues. As your symptoms improve, we provide guidance on exercises and stretches to minimize the risk of future injuries.

Learn more about our booking options here.

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