Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you take insurance?

Chiros in Motion is a cashed-based clinic. Even though we do not accept insurance, depending on your insurance provider, we can give you an invoice receipt to be sent for reimbursement. HSA and similar entities are accepted.

How much are appointments?

Call for chiropractic visit pricing. Our chiropractic visits include cupping, adjustments, exercises, soft tissue work or any other modalities that we believe can help improve your symptoms. Normatec or Game Ready are billed separately.

10 Minute Cupping Appointment: $35
20 Minute Normatec Compression Appointment: $25
Call for chiropractic visit pricing.

What location will my appointment be at?

We have a stationary clinic in Elkhorn, WI and also provide a traveling service where the location is up to you! Both options are by appointment only.

Where is Chiros in Motion?

Although we are a traveling clinic we also have a primary location in Elkhorn, WI. The address is 230 W Evergreen Parkway, Unit 203 Elkhorn, WI.

How many hours do you spend at each business location?

If we are meeting you at a location not affiliated with Chiros in Motion the amount of hours spent will be client driven. The more clients we are treating the longer we will spend at each location.

How long will my appointment be?

Initial appointments will range from 40-60 minutes. Depending on your condition and treatment plan, the follow-up visits will range from 15-30 minutes.

How do I make an appointment?

Click here to schedule an appointment through our online portal. After creating an account you will receive updates, can change appointment times, and fill out any paperwork prior to your visit.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Try to wear clothing that does not restrict movement. Being able to move without restriction makes it easier to evaluate range of motion and receive adjustments. If you are being treated for a lower extremity condition shorts are preferred and for an upper extremity condition short sleeves are preferred.

Do I have to get my neck adjusted?

No, if you are uncomfortable with having your neck adjusted there are many other treatment options we can offer you! Talk with your provider when you come in about what else we can do for you.

Can you come to my work space?

Yes. In order for us to do a visit to your work we need an open space of about 6 square feet. Make sure to ask your boss if we are welcome in the building for treatment. When you make an appointment with us make sure to fill out the treatment location questionnaire in your initial paperwork.

Why should I choose Chiros in Motion over other clinics?

Happy you asked! Click here to learn more about the care from our clinic.

Do you provide maintenance or wellness care?

Yes, maintenance care is provided for clients who enjoy getting routine care or check ups. It is not a requirement, but routine muscle work or adjustments can help patients stay pain free.

Do you treat non-athletes?

Yes! Athletes are not the only ones who suffer from injury. We provide holistic care to any clients who wish to improve their symptoms and learn exercises to stay pain free.

How many visits will I have?

The amount of visits depends on your injury and how well you respond to care. We have clients who improve and become pain-free after just 1-2 visits. Whereas, others with more severe injuries could have 6+ appointments. Our average number of visits per client is 3-5.

What do sports chiropractors do?

Sports chiropractors are specialized in musculoskeletal injury and injury reduction. At Chiros in Motion, we evaluate each person as an individual and determine what caused or is contributing to their pain. We evaluate movement patterns, muscle imbalances, muscle tightness, and joint restrictions. After we determine what is contributing to your pain we may perform chiropractic adjustments or soft tissue work. After the severity of your symptoms has decreased, we teach exercises and stretches to reduce the likelihood of re-injury.