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Cupping Therapy

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Cupping therapy is the application of a small suction cup to areas of the body under tension and stress. Cupping is a form of fascia and muscle work that promotes healing. Cupping is often used to promote blood flow, decrease pain, improve mature scars, and most often decrease muscle tension. After cupping treatment, you may notice skin discoloration which is to be expected.

Dynamic Cupping

Dynamic cupping involves moving the cups along the skin to treat larger regions. It can also involve performing a movement while the cup is in place. Moving with the cups on can increase its effects by working on the entire muscle, instead of one spot. At Chiros in Motion we often move through stretches / sport specific movements to improve healing effects.

Static Cupping

Static cupping is when the cup remains in one spot during the treatment. This allows for more focus on one location. Static cupping is commonly used for trigger point release.

We offer a 10 minutes cupping session for $35. Schedule with us today for cupping therapy!


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