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ARP Wave Therapy

What is ARP Wave Therapy?

ARP (Accelerated Recovery Performance) Wave Therapy uses a low-voltage electrical current to stimulate circulation, break down scar tissue, and speed up the healing process of injuries. ARP Wave is just one of the many treatment options we offer here at Chiros in Motion.

What does it help with?

What happens during a treatment?

The first step when using ARP Wave Therapy is to scan the injured site. One electrode will be placed and held on a larger healthy muscle, while the other will be moved around the injured area. Both electrodes will be giving off a small amount of electrical current during the scan. The goal is that the moving electrode that is around the injured site will find an area that causes the most amount of discomfort and pain. Once that spot is located, the moving electrode is placed there for the treatment session.

Once the electrodes are placed. The voltage is then increased to an amount that the patient can tolerate. Once that level has been reached, the clinician OR the patient will perform the movement (range of motion) that has been causing pain. Usually, 10 reps are performed. After each set of 10 reps, the voltage is increased to a new level where the patient can tolerate it. 10 sets are performed, switching the polarity of the current after the first 5 sets. The low voltage current of the ARP allows the injured tissue to relax, decreasing the pain response.

Patients will usually see a decrease in pain and an increase in range of motion after just one treatment!

Who uses it?

Athletes are the main population that utilizes this treatment so they can maximize healing and shorten recovery time. Other populations can also benefit from ARP wave therapy. For example, people with chronic or acute injuries and people who are pre and post-surgery after a musculoskeletal injury. If you are interested in learning more, click here for research studies done on ARP Wave Therapy.

What injuries does the ARP wave therapy help to treat?

The most common injuries we use the ARP on are muscle strains or ligament sprains. This includes ankle sprains, hamstring pulls, quad injuries, and more. The ARP can drastically reduce recovery time for those injuries and help you get back to sport quickly. Often athletes will be able to play through ankle sprains and muscle pulls after a couple of visits of using the ARP.

How to book an appointment for ARP wave therapy.

For an ARP wave therapy appointment, you will book an Initial Comprehensive Exam. This includes a full evaluation of your injury and history. It also includes full ARP wave therapy treatment with any other treatments that may improve your symptoms including chiropractic adjustments or soft tissue work.

After your Initial Appointment to receive ARP wave therapy, you will book an Extended Treatment Visit. This visit is 30 minutes in duration giving enough time to receive treatment.


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ARP Therapy is offered only at our Elkhorn Location

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