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Knee Osteoarthritis

What is knee OA? 

Knee osteoarthritis is generally known as “wear and tear” of the knee joint. Although the knee is a common location for arthritis, it can happen in any joint. Arthritis is associated with swelling, tenderness, and stiffening of the joint. Arthritis can happen at any age but it is most common as you get older. Many factors can predispose one to osteoarthritides such as previous injury, past surgery, family history, genetics, and more. 

Evaluation of the knee and hip and how they work together
Evaluating the ankle and hips can be helpful to decrease strain put onto the knee joint

How can chiropractic decrease my arthritis pain? 

Since arthritis causes pain, often those who have arthritis decrease physical activity and movements associated with their pain. A large part of care at Chiros in Motion is determining which movements cause your pain. After we take you through a movement analysis and learn your history, we teach you ways to modify or replace any motions causing your pain. Keeping exercise in your routine is one of the best ways to reduce the likelihood of arthritis progressing. 

Along with increasing movement, three components often contribute to knee pain associated with arthritis:

1. Limited motion 
2. Decreased muscle strength 
3. Tight muscles 

We work with you to improve range of motion by keeping pain free ranges, adjusting, and soft tissue work. Along with improving the mobility of the joint, we teach you exercises to strengthen any weak areas that could be contributing to your pain. Lastly, our providers evaluate tight muscles around your knee and provide muscle work to them. Throughout your care, we provide exercises, stretches, adjustments, muscle work, or education based on your symptoms and limitations. 

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