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Treating Sport Injuries with Active Release Techniques

Why chose an ART provider for my sports injury?

After a sports injury, the area that is causing an athlete’s symptoms may not be located where the athlete is feeling pain. A certified ART provider has a great ability to locate and identify the tissue or muscle that is causing the complaint. ART has many techniques which can be utilized during each stage of healing. ART will benefit both acute and chronic injuries. Full body ART certified clinicians, such as Dr. Jay White, have over 50 hours of additional training in identifying injured tissues that contribute to your pain.

injured athlete lying on grass field

What is Active Release Techniques, or ART®?

ART is a non-invasive soft tissue treatment that is designed to locate and quickly resolve soft tissue disorders. The provider will use his or her hands to assess the muscles and connective tissues of the body. They will look for changes in tissue texture, tension, and movement, to find the cause of the complaint. After the problematic tissue has been identified, multiple treatment protocols will be utilized for treatment. Most protocols involve using precise touch during patient movements, these protocols will help restore proper tissue function and relieve pain. ART has been shown to help most conditions such as sprains, strains, and other musculoskeletal disorders.

How it helps athletes recover and its benefits?

Soft tissues, like muscles, that are overused or experience a sudden injury can develop scar tissue, resulting in spasms, nerve entrapment, pain, weakness, inflammation, and restricted range of motion. ART helps to correct the soft tissue restrictions which resolve many sport-related injuries. ART is a great option for athletes. This technique not only helps treat new or old injuries but can also help decrease muscle soreness and improve range of motion. Many athletes will see major improvements after just one visit. ART is a very popular technique in sports medicine because of its effectiveness and practicality. It has become a staple soft tissue technique used at the highest level of sport, on the highest level of athletes.

Visit this page to learn further details. Dr. White at Chiros in Motion is Level 1 Full Body ART certified. If you’d like to book an appointment and try this technique, click here.

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