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4 Reasons to See a Sports Chiro After Your Seasons Over

1. Evaluate any injuries that occurred during the season

Injuries often occur middle to the end of a sports season. Having these injuries evaluated and treated by a sports chiropractor can shorten the healing process and help to prevent the injury from reoccurring.

2. Improve mobility and range of motion

The body adapts to repetitive motions during a sports season. This adaptation can lead to limited mobility and range of motion. Sports chiropractic can help restore lost motion by loosening your muscles through soft tissue work and increasing joint motion through adjustments.

3. Prep for the next sports season

Sports vary in the types of stress they put on the body. As you transition from one sport to the next it’s important to help the body prepare for the change. This can look like a variety of things such as strength training, conditioning, resting, or modifying activities/exercise. A sports chiropractor can discuss the best way for you to prepare for the next season. This discussion is based on your muscle imbalances and the sports you play.

4. Reduce stress that occurred during the season

Mental or physical stress is often held within the muscles. This leads to muscle tightness and overuse over the course of the season. Sports chiropractic can help reduce muscle stress by improving breathing techniques, muscle work, or therapeutic exercise.

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