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How Can Sports Chiropractic Help Me Prepare for this Sports Season?

1. Decrease the risk for injury

Faulty movement patterns or asymmetry in muscle strength can lead to injury. Here at Chiros in Motion our sports specialists will evaluate your movement patterns and perform muscle tests to be sure you are functioning at your best. If there are any faulty movement patterns or significant weaknesses found these can be addressed before your season starts. Our providers will give you exercises to strengthen your weak areas so you can have a healthy season. Being strong before the season begins can also decrease recovery time if an injury were to occur.

2. Improve performance

Range of motion is crucial for performance and injury reduction. Often performance is inhibited by having limited range of motion. Our sports chiropractors specialize in range of motion and will give you exercises and/or adjustments to improve your limitations. Our care is individualized to determine your unique imbalances and improve them to reduce injury risk.

3. Get your baseline and discuss how to stay healthy throughout the season

If an injury occurs during your sports season it is helpful to have a baseline of where you were before the season began. This baseline can help your provider to better understand how the injury affected you and increase your recovery time. Having a baseline can act as a guide to where you need to return to before returning to play.

Having a check-up before the season allows your provider to discuss any concerns you may have. Many topics can be discussed including performance level, conditioning, nutrition, daily habits, or sleeping patterns.

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Our providers understand the workload it takes to be a high-level athlete – being previous collegiate and professional athletes themselves.

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