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Heel Pain

Causes and Diagnosis

There are multiple etiologies for heel pain. The location of the pain is a strong indicator of what is causing the discomfort. The diagnosis may very depending on whether the pain is felt on the back of the heel, directly under the heel, or felt closer to the middle of the foot. Possible diagnoses for heel pain include plantar fasciitis, calcaneal stress fractures, fat pad syndrome, Achilles tendinopathy, Haglund deformity, Sever disease, sinus tarsi syndrome, or tarsal tunnel syndrome.

History and Exam For Heel Pain

Like most conditions, a thorough history should be taken, along with a physical exam of the foot and ankle. Questions should be asked to the patient such as: what makes it better or worse, where is the location of pain, or do you have any radiation of symptoms. The foot and ankle should be examined while standing and at rest.

Treatment for Heel Pain

Treatment for providing heel pain relief includes activity modification, stretching, strengthening exercises, taping or arch support, ice massages, corticosteroids, or modifying footwear. Treatment options will vary depending on the diagnosis, pain location, and severity of symptoms.

Can Chiropractic Help with Heel Pain?

Yes, both general and sports chiropractors are qualified to work with patients who have heel pain. Sports chiropractors have additional training for taping, gait analysis, extremity evaluation, and strengthening exercises – making them a great candidate to work with heel pain patients.

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